Geriatric Headbangers

Bang your head.

No matter how old you are, dammit!

There is a gigantic heavy metal music festival held in Wacken, Germany called the Wacken Open Air Festival. According to the New York Post, it’s the biggest and muddiest heavy metal music festival in the world.

It boasts four days of musical mayhem and attracts more than 75,000 mostly young heavy metal headbangers.

And at least two very old ones as well.

Police report that two elderly men, whose names and ages they declined to reveal, snuck out of their retirement home recently and traveled 25 miles to the Wacken Open Air festival with but one goal in mind.

To rock out.

To see Judas Priest, Danzig, Hatebreed, Cannibal Corpse, Arch Enemy, and Die from Sorrow, to name a few.

I’d love to know what else is on their Bucket List.

Police think the pair both walked and used public transportation to get to the festival. The retirement home sounded the alarm after the two men vanished, and police eventually found them “disoriented and dazed” at the festival at 3 a.m. in the morning.

Of course the old coots were “disoriented and dazed.” That’s why you go to a heavy metal music festival in the first place.

The “disoriented and dazed” part doesn’t surprise me. The 3 a.m. part does. It was three hours after midnight and the old guys were still rocking.

Me, I’m in bed by 10 p.m.

News reports don’t say how police could find two old codgers among tens of thousands of festival-goers, but they did eventually track them down.

“They were then taken to the medical tent on the festival site and sent back (to the retirement home) by taxi at around 6:30 a.m.,” said a police spokesman, who added that the men “were reluctant to go home, so a patrol car accompanied the contracted taxi as a precaution.”

Gotta love it. Feisty to the end.

Of the two old guys’ adventure, a spokesman for the festival said, “Seriously? How cool is that, please? You’re never too old to rock.”

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