Remember that tattoo-faced clown rapper whose name looks like one of those bot accounts on Twitter? Tekashi 6ix9ine — yeah, that tattoo-faced clown. He’s the guy who turned state’s witness in New York to get out of an extended jail sentence, and instead spent 21 months behind bars before he was allowed to go home and live under “house arrest.”

Why was he allowed the courtesy of finishing his sentence at home, you ask? Because he said his “asthma and other underlying conditions” made him susceptible to the ‘rona while he was behind bars. And a judge, somewhat surprisingly, agreed with this questionable excuse and sent the writer of such eloquent hits as “Gooba,” “Punani” and “Stoopid” home back in August.

So what’s this modern-day Shakespeare doing now … and why were we even spending our time writing about him? Because he showed up in an as-yet-unidentified Miami strip club this past weekend with (allegedly) $200,000 in cash on hand to “make it rain” on the ladies (at least he’s doing one thing right). Whether or not he cleared this road trip with his parole officer is unclear, but video (posted on Instagram by his girlfriend) shows the blinged-out and braided one parading himself, his GF and his security posse through the club. So f*** COVID, right?!

Not surprisingly, he did two “stoopid” things while he was there. He went maskless, which if he really has “asthma and underlying health conditions,” was a foolish move. To make matters worse, he started a verbal altercation with featherweight boxer Gervonta Davis. As one outlet reported, “ … his security guards surround him as 6ix9ine begins yelling at someone off-camera and throwing money at them. As tensions seem to intensify, 6ix9ine continues throwing money around with a stern look on his face.”

Oooh, a stern look on his face. That will show that boxer! But hey, at least the snitch spent some money on the dancers at the club, and hopefully popped some bottles as well. ‘Cause if a club has to deal with a clown like Tekashi, he best pay for the privilege.

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