(Note: This story appears in the January 2021 issue of ED Magazine)

We polled club operators to find out which “touchless solutions” are most important for them right now, as they continue to navigate the COVID-infested waters.

Of these “touchless” items, which is most important for your club right now?

Hand-sanitizing stations: 57%
Temperature-check devices: 14%
Restroom items (touchless hand dryers, soap dispensers): 14%
Touchless payment options: 14%

What’s the biggest COVID-related challenge customers present in your club?

Customers not wearing masks correctly or consistently: 71%
Customers not social distancing where appropriate: 29%

Which aspect of club operations is most challenging as it relates to COVID?

Keeping “main club” surfaces clean/disinfected (including stage): 80%
Making sure entertainers and staff are wearing masks: 20%

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