(Note: This story appears in the March 2022 issue of ED Magazine)

Utilizing revolutionary 3D technology, Disco-Designer can design your club no matter the distance.

Having racked up more than 2,500 stage performances as a DJ, including resident stops in Germany, Czech Republic and Austria, Peter Yordanov naturally rubbed elbows with a lot of people in the nightclub industry, including fellow DJs and nightclub owners.

Years of these meetings and conversations made an impression on Yordanov, who decided on a career switch: nightclub owner.

In a period of nine months, Yordanov started experimenting with interior design and decorations without any expert prior knowledge other than what his eyes had soaked up as a DJ.

“I worked 16 hours a day, watching Hollywood movies and getting ideas from there as well as from books about ancient civilizations,” says Yordanov, who managed to get an old friend of his as an investor.

This led to the 1999 opening of club VIVA 2000, which featured a mix of Egyptian and space styles.

“The rest is history,” continues Yordanov, owner and founder of Disco-Designer.com. “The club was amazing in regards to lighting, design and style. After that I became famous in the industry and club owners started calling me to redesign their clubs.”

And this isn’t false bravado. Consider Yordanov is an inductee in the Nightclub Hall of Fame.

Twenty-three years later, Yordanov’s company Disco-Designer.com is an a-to-z nightclub and gentlemen’s club interior design, manufacturing and installing company boasting a 120,000 square-foot factory, design office and showroom club in Ruse, Bulgaria.

Yordanov credits Disco-Designer with more than 700 projects worldwide with more than 6,000 nightclub owners using their products.

Despite their Eastern European location, Disco-Designer can design clubs anywhere, including yours!

“This is possible because of some huge advancements in 3D scanning technology and design applications,” says Yordanov. “We have the know-how that helps nightclub operators reimagine their nightclubs in no time and for free.”

Disco-Designer has access to 3D scanning professionals that can offer the service locally at a fraction of a price in lieu of jet-setting to clients dotted around the globe and can consequently pass on the savings to clubs.

“I am able to design a club from a distance in just a few hours, put the project in production in our factory, ship the goods (furniture, lighting and decorations) to any point on the planet and lead people again from afar on how to self-install our products. Isn’t this incredible?” asks Yordanov. “And it’s easier because we don’t use architectural plans – we receive the 3D model of the current interior, not just floor plans that don’t show what is the situation in the moment there and this helps us optimize the design process.”

Some of Yordanov’s most recent satisfied customers include: Lust Gentlemen’s Club in Martinsburg, West Virginia; Bang Bang Club in Kiev, Ukraine; and 7eight7 Club in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Yordanov primarily deals with nightclubs but ever since E11even, the gentlemen’s club industry has seen a shift toward a hybridization of nightclub and adult club.

“It’s not only the lighting and sound that are important for clubs,” he says. “Don’t forget about interior decoration, beautiful furniture and the whole environment! They are very important too. Gentlemen’s clubs should inspire a sense of ‘WOW’ with fantasy environments helping people escape everyday life. I think in the future the only difference between the two will be the dancers and the private areas.”

As if remote club designing wasn’t bold enough, Disco-Designer is also introducing inflatable decorations — a seemingly perfect complement to the nightclub-ization of gentlemen’s clubs.

“These decorations work like magic, but they’re specialized for clubs with higher ceilings,” says Yordanov. “This is a new affordable way to create environments that clubs used to do 30 years ago but in an innovative and very affordable way using LED lighting and digital multiplex (DMX) control inside the custom-made, highly realistic inflatable decoration. They’re made of a very strong fabric and don’t share properties with inflatable pool toys — these professionally printed fabrics are much more durable and resilient. Thanks to this technology we can create any form from a 3D design idea to reality, as long as it’s not very small. This is also ideal for big stage decorations.”

Another game-changing innovation and cost-saving product Disco-Designer is offering clients is their laser video projection system that is more than “five times less the cost of an LED screen, looks like an LED screen and is 10 times more energy efficient,” says Yordanov. “Also, it’s very easy to install.”

For more information, visit disco-designer.com.

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