The Adult Nightclub Industry’s 25-Year Celebration YEARBOOK

Celebrating 25 years of the people and events that define an incredible industry!

yearbook 2017We are very proud to be celebrating the 25-Year Anniversary of the Annual Gentlemen’s Club EXPO this year, which reflects a quarter century of the growth and success of the adult nightclub industry. We think you should be just as proud of the role you and your club (or clubs) have played in the industry reaching this historic landmark.

To memorialize this accomplishment—both the 25th Anniversary of EXPO and a quarter century of the adult nightclub industry—we will be publishing a special 25-Year Anniversary Adult Nightclub Industry YEARBOOK. This perfect-bound, collector’s item retrospective of both the EXPO and the industry and the clubs that have been a part of it will be a living history and a time capsule of the past 25 years that will be reviewed, referenced and enjoyed for many years to come.

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