(Note: This story appears in the March 2021 issue of ED Magazine)

The EXPO 2021 Legal Panel brings together five First Amendment attorneys to help you navigate these uncertain waters.

If there was a theme song for the adult nightclub industry amid COVID-19, it might be Iron Maiden’s “Stranger In A Strange Land.” COVID-19 took the adult nightclub industry by storm and battered relentlessly, more so than other industries, as nightclubs are frowned upon as places where the disease spreads.

Many adult clubs remain closed, and most of those allowed to open must do so under very different rules than ever before, with no idea of how long those rules will be in effect.

In Michigan, for example, clubs must close at 10 p.m., an hour before the average U.S. adult club starts making any money. Combine that reality with a brand-new administration in Washington and add in a very different U.S. Supreme Court. You have the perfect storm for uncertainty. What can you expect in the coming months and years, and what can you do to ensure you’re prepared for this new reality?

To answer those questions and more, the EXPO 2021 Legal Panel at noon, Wednesday, May 26, brings together Luke Lirot, Jeffrey Kimmel, Matt Hoffer, J. Michael Murray and Dan Aaronson, five of the industry’s well-known First Amendment attorneys, who will address these crucial topics:

Luke Lirot

Luke Lirot: Stock photo or “model” suits
How to avoid civil lawsuits from models for unlicensed use of their images on your advertising, marketing, and social media


Jeffrey Kimmel


Jeffrey Kimmel: New president — now what?
What should the adult entertainment industry expect from the Biden Administration?



Matt Hoffer

Matt Hoffer: Get us back open!
For those clubs who are only open at a limited capacity — or not open at all — what legal recourse could be available?



J. Michael Murray

J. Michael Murray: 1st and the Supremes
Will the new makeup of the US Supreme Court shift the way it looks at adult entertainment?



Dan Aaronson

Dan Aaronson: Legal liabilities
Navigating the potential legal minefields necessary for adult clubs to operate in this new, pandemic world.




The five panelists will also present a “lightning round” with valuable additional tips for operating in this very different business environment. Don’t miss the Legal Panel at this critical time when we need all the help we can get to navigate these uncertain waters.

Larry Kaplan has for 20 years been the Legal Correspondent for ED Publications. Mr. Kaplan is a business broker in the sale and purchase of adult nightclubs and adult retail stores and the Executive Director of the ACE of Michigan adult nightclub state trade association. Contact Larry Kaplan at 313-815-3311 or email larry@kaplanclubsales.com.

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