(Note: This story appears in the July 2021 issue of ED Magazine)

Our EXPO Sponsors are such a HUGE part of everything we do at the convention, which is why we need to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them! Special thanks to EXPO 2021 Title Sponsors including Bucks Cabaret, Deja Vu, Ricks Cabaret, The Pony Clubs, Spearmint Rhino & MAL Entertainment, as well Event Sponsors including Cloud 9, Alpha Patterned Carpets, Red Bull, GentClubShirts.com, Religion Tequila, StripJointsMusic, ChargeSavvy, Dirt Cheap Products, Pure Risk Advisors, Glastender, Worlds Pageants, Luxxx Showgirls, Worldwide Management Resources, CLUB SINROCK and AVLInnovations (and a Brand Education Partnership with Patron Tequila).

Be sure to check out more photos in the July 2021 issue of ED Magazine!

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