“Take it off, no need to talk
You’re crazy but I like the way you f*ck me
Hey … you’re a crazy bitch”
Buckcherry’s “Crazy Bitch”

There’s a reason why Buckcherry’s hard-rocking track “Crazy Bitch” has become almost legendary in the strip club industry. Well, more than one reason, actually. It rocks, yet its undeniable groove could get even the pickiest entertainer moving to the driving beat. Customers like it because what guy can’t relate to the track’s lyrics? And speaking of the lyrics …we’re gonna go out on a limb and suggest that the words “crazy bitch” are part of the common vernacular in strip clubs everywhere.

Here we are, 15 years after the track’s initial release, and the song remains a mainstay on the playlists of strip club DJs from Seattle to South Florida. Well … maybe not all clubs. At the hundreds of urban strip clubs in the US, chances are that dancers, customers and DJs aren’t quite as familiar with Buckcherry frontman Josh Todd’s eloquent elaborations on his favorite hook-up.

Until now, that is.

On Friday, January 10th, a brand new version of “Crazy Bitch” has been released. Call it a remix, call it a re-imagining, but after one listen you’ll immediately recognize that while it bears a resemblance to the original song, this is something entirely different. This time around, it’s Buckcherry-meets-hip-hop, thanks to rapper Wifisfuneral, who injects an entirely different approach and updated lyrics to this strip-club anthem. An original member of the Members Only hip-hop collective (a group created by XXXTentacion and Ski Mask The Slump God), rapper Wifisfuneral has amassed over 315 million streams in the US.

Think this sounds like an odd combination? Not so fast. According to Josh Todd, he had a hip-hop sound in mind when he wrote “Crazy Bitch” well over a decade ago.


“I’m a big fan of hip-hop; it was my idea from a long way back and we finally have a great team that takes our wants and desires and works hard to get them over the finish line,” says Todd, when asked about this intriguing collaboration. “We had to alter the arrangement of the song a bit to make it work so Wifisfuneral had a lot of space to do his thing, and I think a lot of people are gonna have fun with this one.”

ExoticDancer.com had the chance to ask Buckcherry’s main man about this reimagining of a classic track, as well as his thoughts on whether or not urban strip clubs will give this song a shot. And check out the video right here where Josh celebrates strip club DJs!

ED: It’s been 15 years since “Crazy Bitch” was first released. What made now the right time to re-release the song as a remix/re-imagining?

TODD: We have been trying to accomplish the “Crazy Bitch” hip-hop collaboration for years now and finally we got the right artist at the right time. When I came up with this song years ago I wanted it to be a rock song with a hip-hop feel and for whatever reason it has had a very long life. Wifisfuneral is super talented with his approach to lyric writing and I have written all my lyrics, so it was a very cool pairing for me personally.

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ED: Why do you think the song has enjoyed such continued airplay? Why does the song continue to resonate with fans of rock music?

TODD: I don’t know honestly, I think there’s a crazy bitch in all women (and I mean that in a good way). I think the song allows them to let their wild side out and it’s fun for them.

“Wifi is all over the track and strippers dance to a lot of hip-hop these days, so you take one of the biggest rock songs in strip clubs and pair it with a great hip-hop artist … I just think there’s no way you can not spin it!” – Josh Todd

ED: How did you find Wifisfuneral, and what made Buckcherry want to work with him as opposed to any other rapper that may have been available? It’s hard to ignore 315 million streams, right?!

TODD: He’s a real talent. We had a long list and we had been looking at a lot of other guys and girls. It wasn’t the amount of streams we were looking at, it was really who is gonna be the right fit for the track to make it their own. My manager knew the producer of the track, Joe Nicolo, and he had worked with Wifi before and encourage us to check him out. So I went on YouTube and watched a few videos and it was a no-brainer. He shot to the top of the list and it worked out well.

Buckcherry's Josh Todd
Buckcherry’s Josh Todd

ED: Do you think that songs like this can turn fans of hip-hop onto Buckcherry’s other music? In your opinion, why aren’t more fans of hip-hop also into rock music?

TODD: I think that young people are listing to everything now, the days of sticking to only one genre of music are over. There’s no controlled marketplace anymore and people just buy or listen to singles and make playlists and it’s a whole different game. To answer the question, I just wanted to follow my instincts and do a collaboration that I think will be great. Of course we want it to be successful and to open up a lot of opportunities for more collaborations.

ED: The song “Crazy Bitch” became very popular in the strip club industry and remains one of the most frequently played rock songs to this day. Why do you think this song connected with so many people in strip clubs, from the DJs to the staff to the customers and even the dancers themselves?

TODD: ‘Cause girls wanna bring out their wild side and this song brings it out in them and it’s a fantastic thing!

ED: With this new remix and re-imagining, it seems perfectly suited for “urban” strip clubs. For those DJs who work in urban clubs, why should they give this track a spin? And how much does having Wifisfuneral featured on the track help make this a must-spin for strip clubs of all kinds?

TODD: Wifi is all over the track and strippers dance to a lot of hip-hop these days, so you take one of the biggest rock songs in strip clubs and pair it with a great hip-hop artist … I just think there’s no way you can not spin it!

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