Feature Entertainers: How would you like a shot at $2,000 cash?!

It’s as easy as getting “shares” and “likes” for promoting the City Girls track “I’ll Take Your Man”!

Long-time ED/Expo supporter, StripJointsMusic.com, is offering two cash prizes ($1,500 for first place, $500 for second) to entertainers for promoting the new single “I’ll Take Your Man” by City Girls. (Tap on this link to share their song on Spotify).

Here’s how it works: 

You can simply “share” this song and video on your social media (the links are included in this email). Be sure to use the hashtag #CityGirlsStripJoints

 – or –

You can give yourself a better shot at winning the cash prize if you video yourself dancing or lip-syncing to the track, then sharing that video on your social media! Be sure to use the hashtag #CityGirlsStripJoints.  And let’s face it … as a gorgeous entertainer, you’ve probably been accused of “taking her man” more than once!

Here’s the video!

Here’s how you win:

The two entertainers whose posts have the most “shares” and “likes” (“shares” carry more weight than “likes”) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will win!  First place is $1,500, second place is $500!

City Girls



In order for StripJointsMusic to be able to track your social media posts and see all of those likes and shares, please email screen shots to info@stripjointsmusic.com and include your social media web links! And be sure to use the hashtag #CityGirlsStripJoints !


When will the winner be announced?

The winners of these cash prizes will be announced at the EXPO 2018 Splash Bash and Bikini Contest at the Hard Rock Vegas on Wednesday, August 22nd.  You need not be present to win … but why would you want to miss out on that great promotional opportunity?!

Find City Girls on Instagram here!

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