With Congress set to authorize another $300-plus billion dollars toward the Payment Protection Program (PPP), the SBA loans and PPP remain a critical topic for the adult industry today. With litigation ongoing against this obvious discrimination against so-called “prurient” businesses, the ED Webcon on Thursday, April 23rd at 2 pm EST will discuss this litigation, the new PPP money and what it may mean for your business. Joining the Webcon will be attorneys Luke Lirot and Jeff Scott Olson, who are both involved in current litigation in regard to SBA/PPP denial.

Jeff Scott Olson is a respected Madison, Wisconsin based Constitutional attorney who has for 40+ years defended adult businesses and individuals against government agencies, large corporations and insurance companies. In, 2000 he argued the First Amendment case of City News and Novelty, Inc., v. City of Waukesha before the United States Supreme Court. A federal judge last week ruled that, based on a suit filed by Olson, Wisconsin adult nightclub owners whose applications for emergency federal loans were rejected should be allowed back in line for the funding while the judge reviews their lawsuit.

Note: The ED Webcons can now allow up to 500 entrants. Last week’s webcon on SBA/PPP was full (at 100 entrants).

Invitations to this webcon are being sent out via email and through our Mailchimp account. If you do not receive an invitation with the Zoom weblink, please email dave@edpublications.com.

In our effort to keep the industry connected at such a challenging time — while also helping to provide crucial information related to this ongoing situation — ED Publications has established the ED Webcons. These Webcons are designed to occur twice per week, on Tuesday and Thursday, consistently at 2 pm EST / 11 am PST. The subjects of each ED Webcon will be announced in advance, and the call is open to club owners, operators and other industry professionals.

If you’d like more information on the ED Webcon from this last Thursday, when Luke Lirot and Matt Hoffer discussed SBA/PPP denial, please read the story right here.

Important note: You will have to download the Zoom.us software first in order to join the Webcon. But it’s free and easy to download, and you can do it from your smartphone (just get the app), tablet or desktop! Also, you’ll need to click on the camera and microphone icons on your computer, when the Zoom screen pops up, to be seen and heard by the group (or you can go with audio only, you don’t have to be ‘on camera’ if you’d prefer not to).

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