DJ Seminar: It’s not all bad on the “Dark Side”!

Wednesday, August 22, 11 am – noon, Muse Hall A&B

At EXPO 2018, DJs-turned-managers will discuss the lessons they’ve learned as they help cultivate better working relationships between management, DJs and entertainers at our “break-out” seminar on Wednesday, August 22nd.

Many DJs consider their role to be part of a club’s management structure, especially if they are responsible for “running the rotation” of entertainers. But what happens when a DJ actually becomes a gentlemen’s club manager? What experiences can they bring from their time as a DJ to their new role as manager, and what lessons can they bring from their new role as a manager to assist their club’s DJs and entertainers?

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At EXPO 2018, three veteran club DJs turned club managers—PANDA President Dane Hansen of Centerfolds Cabaret in Las Vegas, Jeb Jarrell of Deja Vu in Colorado Springs and Michael Cox of the Pony Club in East Cape Girardeau, Illinois—will talk about the challenges of that transition, and what they’ve learned along the way that can benefit today’s DJs and managers have a better and more effective working relationship.

Dane Hansen
Jeb Jarrell
Michael Cox


Seminar sponsored by PANDA and by Bob Chiappardi of Concrete Marketing and

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