As someone who’s been nominated for the ED’s DJ of the Year Award for five straight years, it’s clear that Jimmy Boucher, head DJ with Monroe’s of Palm Beach, is one of the industry’s very best. As a DJ, his role within the club is certainly to play music. But what makes Boucher one of the best is what he does on and off the mic. In addition to being comedian-level hilarious, Boucher contributes to crucial operational aspects of Monroe’s as well, helping that club win the Overall Gentlemen’s Club of the Year Award in 2016 (Monroe’s is nominated for Club of the Year /South in 2018).

Boucher, spinning at the Expo 2017 Opening Night Party (he’s doing the same in 2018!)

In conjunction with Concrete Marketing and, spoke with Boucher to find out more about his two-decade-plus industry tenure, his specific approach to being an adult club DJ and where he finds his own musical inspiration. And don’t miss Jimmy’s customized Spotify playlist at the end of the article, courtesy of Bob Chiappardi and StripJointsMusic!

ED PUB: When and where did you start working as an adult club DJ? What brought you into the industry initially, and what made you decide to stay once you got there?

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BOUCHER: I got my start working in a decent size club in Maine called Mark’s Showplace. Strange how I got my start, I was in between my freshman and sophomore year in college and was chilling on the beach and one of the managers had approached to me to be a floor host. I had two of my friends from my neighborhood working there as DJs so I agreed to meet for an interview. That was my first strip club job, as a floor host. I would oversee the $5 dance area as the ladies danced on boxes, five feet away from guests. I would stand behind the velvet rope basically selling the dances for the girls as the guys stood nearby. I did very well because I seemed to make the girls money. The staff thought I was very funny, so they decided to give me a try on the mic. They decided to train me for dayshift; I was still very green and terrible, but they continued to mold me all while allowing me to be funny. This gig was great because it allowed me to have a flexible schedule while attending college and playing college baseball. I decided to move south to pursue my baseball journey after college.

EDI East 2018 at The Manor in West Palm Beach (Monroe’s owner Scott Lizza also owns The Manor). L-R: EDI East co-producer Lexi Lamour, DJ Platypus, Christina Aguchi, Boucher and ED’s Dave Manack

ED PUB: When did you start at Monroe’s? What role do you feel you’ve played in Monroe’s success?

BOUCHER: Scott Lizza and his crew were actually pursuing me without my knowledge. I was working at a small place in Broward County (Florida) and some office people kept coming up and asking me questions. Julian Royal (now with E11EVEN Miami) had approached me and said that he and his people were opening a new club in West Palm Beach and wanted me to join their team. I was very skeptical to open a club because of taking a financial risk. Julian talked me into “just talking” to Scott and so I agreed. My meeting with Scott was about an hour long and we instantly became friends, and we have not lost a step since. We opened late December of 2012. My role in the club’s success is having the guests leave and tell their friends how great of time they had, listening to the funny DJ interact with them, making them feel like “Cliff” or “Norm” from Cheers, where I always shout out their name and welcome them back. Another thing I’ve helped with is retaining entertainers and making them money, not just playing music, but working for them and keeping the staff entertained so they have a fun and exciting job to come back to.

ED PUB: How hard is it, as a DJ, to play music to such a diverse crowd (as well as the entertainers) and keep everyone happy? What’s your strategy when it comes to this juggling act?

Boucher and DJ Platypus at Expo

BOUCHER: DJing is easy!! I keep it simple: compliment the girls and be a team player. We are all there to make money, so if I can sell rooms, alcohol and merchandise, hopefully the trickle down makes everyone else money as well. Some jocks overthink it and make it complicated.

ED PUB: When you’re not in the club, what music do you prefer to listen to?

BOUCHER: It depends. When I’m on my boat it’s Kenny Chesney or Jack Johnson. My backyard pool days get Train, Three Days Grace, and/or Billy Joel stations on Pandora. Holidays and guests over for dinner usually get Michale Buble or Frank Sinatra stations on Pandora. In my truck it’s always on the Highway XM radio or Dierks Bentley or Luke Bryan, unless it’s summer and the Red Sox are on because I listen religiously. Stressful days, I always listen to Deep House radio.

ED PUB: If you could see any concert or lineup of artists, living or deceased, who would it be and why?

BOUCHER: I’m thinking Led Zeppelin (I have Swan Song tattooed on my back) back in their heyday. But not one show, the whole tour and be on the busses with them, hearing timeless music and music that was way ahead of their time. The music, the trip, the party, etc. There’s also the Isle of Wright festival in 1970: The Who, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix! Say no more!

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Where do you hail from: Westbrook, Maine
Current Club: Monroe’s of Palm Beach
Years employed at the club: Over six years
Favorite recording artist: Right now either Luke Bryan or Kenny Chesney
Industry hero: My wife! Allows me to be myself and deals with my BS
Favorite feature entertainer: All time is Blondage and Christina Aguchi, Today, there are way too many talented features to pick just one, and most have become close friends. I appreciate their hard work and dedication to their art.
Favorite part of your work night: Shift change, where I get to bullshit with some of my favorite people that I don’t get to see because we work opposite hours.
Pet working peeve: Lazy people that think they are worth more money than they really are.
Advice for new club DJs: Be kind to everyone! You are not too good to play a song for a customer because he only tipped you a dollar or nothing at all. You’re there to entertain, so entertain!

So what does the DJ himself, Jimmy Boucher, prefer to spin AND listen to in his free time? Check out his customized Spotify playlist here!


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