Mix equal parts pressure, blood, sweat and tears, and you have Taylor Diambrini‘s recipe for his one-man-band Diamonds and Blood.

Diambrini—who counts Led Zeppelin, Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson among his influences—says the journey to this point has come full circle as he started in 2004 pursuing bands. “I’ve been in everything from metal-core to post-hardcore to alternative rock,” says Diambrini. “After being in a few bands and trying to hop in on bandwagons, I started taking a walk, metaphorically speaking, as a songwriter, and started developing my musicianship and the lights turned on. I wanted to get back to what I started doing in the first place—rock music. I started developing my sound probably a year or two ago for what is now Diamonds and Blood.”

ED Magazine spoke with Diambrini about his growth as a musician and his new single “Makes Me Feel Alive,” available on the newest installment of StripJointsMusic.

ED: How does “Makes Me Feel Alive” represent the steps you guys have taken as musicians?
DIAMBRINI: The riffs in it, the hard rock sound, the big rock chorus, even some of the notes I hit in it, I’m definitely stretching out my voice. I’m not afraid of hitting the “rock boundaries.” Don’t hit those notes, ‘that’s too rock,’ ‘that’s too pop-y,’ ‘it’s too soul-bluesy.’ Things like that really bring out the roots of this genre of rock music. I just did it. I had a dope-ass producer, Matt Squire—I brought some stuff that sounded alternative, some sounded a little more post-rock sound. He was like ‘I like all of it. Your rock qualities are killer, don’t hide ’em.’ At that point, I was creatively vulnerable. It was good timing.

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ED: Do you think with so many platforms to be heard/seen on that it’s easier to get your music out now or harder to be identified among the masses?
DIAMBRINI: I’ve had this conversation so many times with people that I know a lot more than I know. With me, it’s a double-edged sword. Yes, social media has offered an opportunity for artists to get their music out there without having to go through big-budget labels or some type of filter. It’s a positive thing that kids can get their music out there. But I also think at its peaks of exploitation, shit gets watered down and a lot of artists get lost. I don’t want to sound too passive, but I want to recognize both sides. I’ve had to fight that battle to get music out to audiences.

Taylor Dambriani is a one-man band as Diamonds and Blood.
Taylor Dambriani is a one-man band as Diamonds and Blood.

ED: Off that previous question, what was the first time you guys got in the studio like? How much easier is it “making” music now (in terms of the actual recording process?)
DIAMBRINI: The truth of the situation, I prefer as the writer and singer of the band, I prefer getting into a rehearsal room with good, collaborative musicians that I vibe with creatively, musically as well as maybe personally. Taking the same guitar that’s plugged onto a setup on a click and applying the same riffs I do on a laptop but with dudes that can catch what I’m throwing at them. “Makes Me Feel Alive” was me with a guitar and a laptop. I flipped it over to a producer and he made it sound good.

ED: What’s been your biggest brush up with fame thus far?
DIAMBRINI: I met a few from a different time of rock and roll. What a gift it must have been, such a different time in the ’80s and ’90s. I haven’t met too many idols actually.

ED: I saw a video on your Facebook page of you guys at The Bowery Electric, what’s been the most fun you’ve had at a venue?
DIAMBRINI: This is a new project. I am just getting started, haven’t really hit the road to do any shows yet. I’m looking forward to the live experience and just getting my sea legs back. Right now we’re in the process of releasing the first single, “Makes Me Feel Alive” to social media and getting it out there. I have a second track that everyone is saying is twice as good as “Makes Me Feel Alive” so I’m excited to get that out in the new year.

ED: StripJoints services DJs at gentlemen’s clubs nationwide, so why would “Makes Me Feel Alive” be a good choice to play at a gentlemen’s club?
DIAMBRINI: One would be if you like to dance, if you like a feel-good, party energy. You’re drinking with your mates and you dig rock music, that’s a song you want to shoot a few back to. If you like hip hop, it has the same time of beat drop and it has a bounce to it. It has heavy drops. If you’re there to watch some dancers, it’s a good track and to get those party vibes.

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