Debbie Diaz The Pub

Almost anyone that’s worked in the adult nightclub business knows Debbie Diaz.  Her 30-plus years in the industry and are lined with success and excitement.  Debbie and her business partner for 30 years, Seif El Sharif, dreamed up the premier club in the Midwest if not the entire USA.  Ocean Cabaret in Chicago has been in the works since they bought the property in Bedford Park, Illinois, 15 years ago.  Finally, after 13 years of battling the city, state and county for licensing approval, they broke ground in 2015 and opened January 2016.  Debbie’s philosophy is, “Don’t give up, don’t give in and don’t take no for an answer.”

When you first step in Ocean Cabaret, you see the grand granite entry with bubblers to the ceiling that feels like a lobby at the best five-star resort.  Then you enter through large 12-foot glass doors and there it is—“Vegas in Chicago.”  Ocean became the perfect playground for Debbie to bring to life the success of the “party.”  The 55,000 gallon swimming pool, with the main stage sitting on top in the middle, makes a great backdrop for any party.  From girls on silks 20-feet in the air to 14-foot robots walking and dancing on the floor, you never know what you will see when you walk through those glass doors.  Bottle service is a big deal at Ocean.  Debbie has 3-5 girls (a combination of servers and dancers), deliver every bottle as its own show with each girl carrying two sparklers each.  Some weekends the bottles are delivered by Mermaids on the shoulders of a Merman.  You can scan the QR code below to see the club in full party mode.  Debbie throws a party like every day is Christmas and every evening in New Year’s Eve.

Through Debbie’s extensive contacts we have had some notable events this past year.  Miss Nude World, Miss Exotica Illinois and R Kelly to a few. At the end of the day Debbie says, “I am a lady in a man’s business and I love it.  Who doesn’t love this business!”

Article written by Bill Sauser

5555 West 70th Place (1,009.53 mi)
Bedford Park, Illinois 60638
(708) 701-2990

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