Baltimore now claims the latest addition to The Penthouse Clubs family, and brings the Penthouse/Kirkendoll total to 10.

On Thursday, November 29, 2018, Penthouse Clubs Global Licensing LLC (PCGL), a wholly owned subsidiary of the privately owned, boutique, hospitality investment firm Kirkendoll Management, LLC, unveiled their 10th Penthouse Club location following a grand opening celebration at The Penthouse Club Baltimore (located at 615 Fallsway).



The grand-opening event boasted a guest list complete with members of PCGL’s corporate team, including Founder and CEO John Kirkendoll, President Chuck Rolling, Vice President Caroline Kirkendoll and Director of Licensing Eddie Suqi. Attendees were treated to a luxurious evening complete with a complimentary buffet, premium beverage offerings and performances by the club’s exquisite entertainers. The club’s grand opening had been highly-anticipated since September 2018, following an approved liquor license transfer that marked the end of their 12-year tenure as Scores Baltimore, the second-ever Scores licensee.

“We thought long and hard about rebranding our club, given that we were the number-one club in the mid-Atlantic market,” says Brian Shulman, co-owner of The Penthouse Club in Baltimore. “However, given the direction the Penthouse brand is going, we wanted to jump onboard while we could. We have no doubt the ultra-premium, Penthouse brand will further solidify our number-one position in the market and lead to increases in our bottom line.”

John Kirkendoll and his corporate team are no strangers when it comes to building brands, and the success of The Penthouse Club is no exception. The company’s nightclub division continues to grow at a record pace, bringing ultra-premium luxury to major markets worldwide. Announcements on additional new Penthouse licensees are expected in early 2019.

“Branding is not merely about differentiating products; it’s about striking emotional chords with consumers and cultivating identity, attachment and trust to inspire customer loyalty,” says Eddie Suqi, Director of Licensing for Penthouse Clubs Global Licensing LLC. “We truly believe that’s what the Penthouse brand does. The Penthouse Club Baltimore is a great addition to our Penthouse family of clubs and we look forward to it helping spread our brand to new consumers and furthering our relationship with current customers.”

The Penthouse Clubs have also recently announced the purchase of the Penthouse Club location in Tampa, and there are potential Penthouse openings in Houston and Cabo San Lucas for 2019. As for what they’re looking for in potential brand licensees, John Kirkendoll had this to say:

“The Penthouse Club is an ultra-premium brand for market leaders in major markets. In order to maintain this distinction, we’re extremely selective when it comes to identifying future Penthouse Club licensees and locations. To become a member of the Penthouse Club family, a licensee needs to have three things: (1) An outstanding operator capable of and committed to running a world-class establishment; (2) A premium club location in a major market; and (3) The ability to maintain or become the number-one club in its market.
“We’re primarily targeting operators with a successful track record of owning/operating adult entertainment businesses who are committed to helping us elevate The Penthouse Club brand,” Kirkendoll adds. “Our ideal markets are trendy neighborhoods in larger cities (one million people plus) with vibrant nightlife scenes, professional sports teams and without extreme seasonality. Given the depth of our industry experience, we’re also happy to take a more hands-on approach via a management agreement or buyout.”

About The Penthouse Club/Penthouse Clubs Global Licensing LLC

Stemming from the iconic publication founded by Bob Guccione in England in 1965 and brought to the United States in 1969, The Penthouse Club is “Where the Magazine Comes to Life!” A wholly owned affiliate of Kirkendoll Management, LLC, Penthouse Clubs Global Licensing LLC’s (PCGL) goal is to create world-class establishments by providing club owners and operators with innovative new tools and services to enhance their customers’ experience. As Licensor, PCGL adds value beyond the brand name by offering access to their best in practice operations processes, proprietary technology and outstanding marketing services. The Penthouse Club has locations domestically in California, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan and Pennsylvania, and internationally in Australia, New Zealand and Russia. For more information on The Penthouse Club and/or PCGL, please visit

About Kirkendoll Management, LLC

Founded in 1987, Kirkendoll Management, LLC is a privately owned, boutique, hospitality-investment firm based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The company owns and operates restaurants and nightclubs domestically in Florida, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania, and internationally in Aruba and Costa Rica. Kirkendoll Management, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Penthouse Clubs Global Licensing LLC, is the exclusive licensor of The Penthouse Club and branded products worldwide. For more information on Kirkendoll Management, LLC, please visit

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