Autumn Rayne The Pub

Autumn Rayne is a small town country girl from Michigan who brings with her a sweet, funny and down home appeal. She travels with 18 plus custom shows, that she designs, creates, and sews. She dances with capes, battons, poi, paint, wax, lotions, and is a fire manipulator. Industry people have this to say about her; that she is “the queen of beauty, grace, and what all features should truly inspire to be” (G. Cardoso) Autumn is a great addition to your club, or event.

Miss Erotic International 2017
Miss Nude Redhead United States 2017
Miss Nude International Hottest Body 2017
Miss Nude United States Best Breast 2017
Miss Nude Exotic Best Fire Show 2016

ONE LINE WHAT YOU LOVE ABOUT THE INDUSTRY- Amazing adventures with awesome people.

How To Book This Entertainer

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Sinsational Features - 570-371-1515 | VISIT SITE

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