Atlanta is one of the hottest strip club destinations in the world, with joints like Magic City and Clermont Lounge building a reputation that transcends location and becomes something of a national treasure — in the gentlemen’s club industry, that is.

However, Atlanta also has some rules that can be difficult to work around. For instance, did you know that ATL doesn’t allow strip clubs to open on Sunday unless they function as restaurants as well? That may sound like no big deal to some, but there’s one Sunday of the year where everyone wants to make money, and that’s the day of the Super Bowl.

So the clubs of ATL sat together and came up with a plan that would swerve passed the regulations of Atlanta city council for one Sunday and one Sunday only. In a surprise twist, the folks over at city council agreed to allow strip joints to run. Not only did the clubs get their green light to operate without limitations on Sunday, but they’ll also be allowed to stay open an extra hour the entire week leading up to the Rams vs Patriots championship game.

Making it rain on a Sunday? Hallelujah!!


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