Ari Untamed is a natural for Miss

Ari Untamed wears a lot of hats. She’s a licensed esthetician, a certified Make-Up Designory (MUD) makeup artist, a certified lash technician, and owner of a pair of German Shepherds. Oh, and she’s also been named a Miss Nude champ in two categories in 2021 — International Duo Champion and International Best Legs. It’s no surprise then as an expert in beauty, she gravitates toward performing.
“I love being on stage and dancing for a crowd,” Ari says. “Even though every single time I’m extremely intimidated and nervous, I always get good feedback from my peers about my show and that makes me feel really good.”

Top Credits or Accomplishments: Miss Nude International Duo Champion 2021;
Miss Nude International Best Legs 2021


ED: What does it mean to be named Miss of the Month?
ARI: It means so much to me to be a brand new feature entertainer and be put up for Miss Exotic Dancer. I never would have thought that something like this would come so quickly, but I am so glad it did.

ED: How did you get into the industry?
ARI: Delilah Deluxxx is an established amazing feature, my best friend, and my rock and if it weren’t for her, I probably wouldn’t be here. She’s the reason I am able to do this and I couldn’t ask for anyone better to help prepare me through this journey.

ED: Being a newcomer what is your favorite thing about the industry?
ARI: I believe that being able to travel is definitely in my top favorite reasons for being in the industry but also performing on a stage and meeting new people in places where I will be appreciated!

ED: If you could be a dancer for any movie star, who would you dance for?
 He’s not a movie star but definitely Machine Gun Kelly (MGK).

ED: Favorite stripper movie? Favorite movie in general?
ARI: I know that “P-Valley” isn’t a movie (Ed: TV show), but it’s definitely my favorite. That and “Hustlers” — love both of those. I honestly haven’t watched a lot of other ones but it’s definitely on my to-do list.

ED: How would you compare your entertainer self to yourself off-stage?
ARI: I’m a very energetic person on stage and I’m just so happy to perform but off stage … couch potato!

ED: Your favorite body part of yourself?
ARI: I’m going to say my mouth because I’ve been told my smile is intoxicating 😉

ED: What gets your motor purring?
ARI: Tattoos and talking dirty works every time!

ED: What is your favorite saying?
ARI: I don’t have a saying, but my favorite word is “fuck.” I curse like a sailor … “fuck” comes out every other sentence. No shame!

ED: Best and worst pick-up line?
ARI: Worst: Is it hot in here, or is it just you? #annoying; Best: Even if there wasn’t any gravity on earth, I’d still fall for you.

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