Annie Lane is a feature entertainer from Boston, Massachusetts. Coming from a cheerleading background in school, Annie started exotic dancing when she was 18 and heading to college. She loves to dance, and every time she hits the stage, Annie always gets the same Adrenaline rush as if she was about to do a cheer competition! After graduating from college with a degree in management and marketing, she decided to follow her passion and keep doing what she loves to do: dancing.

Annie is a self-taught pole dancer. She participated in her first competition in August 2015, where she won her first title, Miss Nude New England. A month later, she competed in feature and pole dancing competitions, and that is where her feature entertainment career started. Since then, she has been traveling to perform feature shows in many cities around the country. She also participated in several feature dancing and pole dancing competitions and events. She won several titles, including Miss Nude Galaxy, Miss Nude World Petite, Miss WOW Exotica. She is also a two-time nominee for ED Newcomer of the Year Award, and she has performed in the 2017 ED Expo parties.

In addition to pole dancing, Annie is also an aerialist. She performs on aerial hoop and silks. She is also a fire performer, as she dances with fire fans, and can eat fire! One of Annie’s signature shows is her skates show, where she roller skates on stage, and does many pole and aerial hoop tricks while wearing old-school artistic skates.

Annie strives to better herself with every competition and booking she goes to. She also likes to meet people, and takes every opportunity to make new friends.

What I Love About The Industry:
There are several things that I love about the industry. I love to dance, and it gives me joy to learn new pole and aerial dancing skills, and be able to perform on stage. As a traveling feature entertainer, I enjoy visiting new places, and seeing different parts of the country and the world! It also gives me the opportunity to meet people and make friends in every place I visit.

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