The life of a feature entertainer

A leg extends through the velvety, plush curtain. The spotlight adds an otherworldly glow. You deduce that this leg doesn’t belong to an average human being. A jewel-encrusted hip pushes forward and is slowly, seductively followed by a sparkling torso. At last the face is revealed and what you’ve suspected has turned out to be true. This is not a human being. Something ethereal stands before you. 

Or… the club grows even dimmer. The spastic lights that usually invoke whimsey and a YOLO attitude have slowed. Fog envelopes the stage. A pop song plays. You’ve never much cared for the song but the shapely figure, covered in lights of her own, is moving in a fashion that now brings new appreciation. Huh? You realize. That’s a cool beat. Wow! The bass is intricate. Amazing! The guitar riff has you hooked. She smiles knowingly as she accepts your $50 bill. 

These are the things I imagine as a feature entertainer in the gentlemen’s club industry. These are my fantasies. The opportunity to take you outside of your world for 10-20 minutes, if only to show you that it’s possible is all I dream about. To connect with you as my skin touches yours for only the briefest of moments. My warmth melting your worries for just a little while. I fantasize the roar of my feminine energy will send a defibrillator-esque charge to your weary mind. That the laughter and sex in my eyes will clear away frightening thoughts. That as the candy-colored confetti falls on your head, it is now solidified you’re not drinking to escape, but to celebrate! 

These machinations have come to fruition and I couldn’t be more fortunate. I feel the purest pulse of joy when I travel to spots of the country with cultures different from my own and am able to relate in the most common of human ways. As my feet leave the ground, that unnamed wall of yours starts to crack and a part of you that you’ve missed or have never met has finally found fresh air. With the sensual undulations of my body, the drama of real life falls away to the meaningless corner where it belongs. For a little while, scores of you belong to me, and I to you. 

This industry’s foundation is built on fantasy. I am fortunate enough to make a living off of mine. Thank you, patrons, for that opportunity. Thank you, for helping me to become Aria Moon. 

Aria Moon was a nominee for the 2017 ED’s Overall Entertainer of the Year Award, Winner of the 2017 EDI East’s Showgirl Division and multiple EDI mini-title winner. Aria will be defending her EDI East title at Double Dee’s Saloon in West Palm Beach, June 10-12.

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