Rebecca Avalon was a full-time house dancer for over 15 years. “I’m not a feature entertainer, I’m not a porn star; I pay my house fee, go onstage, and try to sell as many lapdances and champagne hours as possible during my shift.” Now, she’s sharing her years of knowledge on her website as well as via her social media pages. Rebecca has also loaned her expertise to, expertise that is meant to not only help “house” dancers but the clubs in which they dance.

A long time ago, when Myspace was cool, I began blogging about how to be a successful stripper. I even coined the term “SuperStripper” to describe the mindset and process of running a profitable stripping business. The blog blossomed into a fabulous community of like-minded entertainers and those who aspired to become a SuperStripper.

In 2008, I assumed majority ownership of DancerWealth, the original stripper school in Las Vegas that has been featured in Playboy Magazine, 20/20, and Time magazine. DancerWealth is now just one of the many classes I teach at; we also teach personal finance and self-improvement.

The first part of my SuperStripper Tip of the Month is to get rid of what I call the old model of stripping. What is the old model you might ask? It’s what used to work in the Golden Age of Stripping before smartphones, the clubs were packed, and the guys would spend money on you even if you weren’t their first choice. Anyone remember those days when all you had to do was slap some makeup on, show up, walk around aimlessly and say “Wanna dance?”

How is that approach working for you these days? Now, there are some circumstances when “Wanna dance?” does still work, like on packed nights when there aren’t enough girls, or if there are more customers than dancers. But for the most part, there are probably lots of nights where you just barely make your house fee back, especially in the summertime if you’re still employing “Wanna dance?”

The primary reason “Wanna dance?” doesn’t work is because you are invalidating the customer as a person. As much as we’d like to think of customers as horny ATM machines, they are living, breathing, feeling human beings just like you and deserve to be treated with respect.

There is a reason why he walked into the strip club, and it’s your job to figure out what his reason is. Think about it this way. Every guy who walks into the strip club has a Penthouse Letter fantasy in his head. He wants a hot girl to play out that fantasy; even if he’s picky, or a limited buyer on a budget, he will buy dances from the one dancer who can get inside of his head and be what he wants. Always remember, the best way to get what you want is to help other people get what they want.

You didn’t get into dancing to just make your house fee back, did you? Of course not! You got into it for the big money, why not start making more of it by helping the customers of the club get what they want (as long as it is within your own personal beliefs and values.) How you might ask? Get rid of “Wanna dance?” and learn the SuperStripper Business Model.

The SuperStripper Business Model has five easy parts, and you can improve on each one no matter how good you are today. Be sure to check out the Strip and Grow Rich YouTube channel, there is an entire video that explains this in greater detail, but the basics are:

1. Plan your mindset and develop your skill set.

2. Drive traffic to your club by marketing both yourself and your club both online and through club promotions.

3. Identify your target clientele and build rapport with them. People buy from who they trust, which is why you need to spend time building rapport before you try to close the sale.

4. Keep in mind closing isn’t always about getting what you want. Remember to get what you want, you have to help others get what they want. Negotiate and upsell for a win-win situation.

5. Repeat (this is the key 99% of most entertainers miss): It is much easier to sell to a previous customer than it is to create a new one. This is the reason why you don’t want to overcharge a customer or try to get as much out of him as you can the first time because if he feels cheated or misled he will never come back. Eighty percent of your money comes from 20% of your customers, and the richest dancers have multiple whales they can call and generate big money—even on slow nights. This is where you want to be. It will allow you to work fewer shifts and have more fun when you do.

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