As ED Publications endeavors to keep the industry connected during this unprecedented time, we also want to help provide advice via our Webcons that will help club owners, operators and other industry pros take advantage of this “downtime” to help improve their businesses.

One area that is of vital importance for marketing is social media; specifically, Facebook and Instagram. How can you make the most of this shutdown, as it relates to your social media presence? What can you do now to revamp your social media marketing, so that when you’re back up and running, you’ll be in much better shape to utilize Facebook and Instagram to put butts back in seats (or enhance your feature entertainer booking potential)?

Our ED Webcon at 2 pm EST on Tuesday, April 21, features Jenna Gross of Moving Targets and Adella of Forward Approach Marketing. They’ll be providing tips to maximize their social media presence during this industry time-out. 

To join the ED Webcon, go to this Zoom web link. Entry will be limited to the first 100 participants.  

With clubs shutdown nationwide as part of preventative measures, Gross says it’s critical for clubs to keep their finger on their Facebook pulse. 

Even though clubs are closed, it’s important to stay active on social media.

“For clubs, it’s important to keep communication with customers and staff because you don’t want to ghost them,” says Gross, who has delivered sage social media advice at previous EXPOs. “It’s like a relationship, you build up this relationship with your fans whether it be Facebook, Instagram and just because clubs are closed and it’s a terrible situation, you don’t want to abandon that relationship with your customers.”

In addition to maintaining a pulse on social media, this time can also be used to refresh accounts and overall reassess operations—not just social media.

Log in to the ED Webcon to hear Jenna Gross and Adella Curry—who will be speaking at the Facebook & Instagram Marketing Training Certification Seminar at the ED Expo—dole out social media advice. 

Tune in on Tuesday, April 21 at 2 pm EST/11 am PST at this link:

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