Even if you’ve only seen her perform once, there are a couple of things about ED’s 2017 Overall Entertainer of the Year Angela Sommers that are impossible to ignore. She is stunningly beautiful, whether as a blonde or a brunette. On stage, she is a fluid, sensual dancer that captures your attention—and keeps it.

But of course, that’s the obvious stuff. Once you’ve met or worked with Angela, you’ll see there are other characteristics that are just as noticeable and arguably, even more important. She’s intelligent. She’s humble. She’s kind. She conducts herself professionally with undeniable grace. Small wonder, then, that the industry chose Angela as its Overall Feature Entertainer of the Year.

Overall Feature Entertainer of the Year Angela Sommers

Angela’s career in the adult industry began when she became Penthouse’s Pet of the Month in May 2012, while around that very same time she began acting in female-only adult films. Her film appearances, which total over 100, helped garner her an AVN Award nomination as “All-Girl Performer of the Year.” She burst onto the adult nightclub industry scene by winning the Newcomer Division at the First Annual EDI West contest in 2014, and followed that up by winning the ED’s Newcomer of the Year Award (2014) and the EDI West’s Showgirl Division in 2015. She became an ED’s Entertainer of the Year (EOY) nominee in 2015, followed that up with another EOY nomination in 2016, and eventually won the prestigious award in ’17.

But with all of that, what do you really know about Angela Sommers? Somehow we found a break in her extremely busy schedule to ask a few questions to help us get to know the girl beneath the stunning exterior. — story by Dave Manack

She’s a Big Apple girl, born and raised —
but she doesn’t want to live there again

I lived in Queens, NY, until I was 25. Even though I’m proud to say I’m from New York City and I have a lot of family there, I’d never want to live there again. The people there can be pretty mean, and I’m just not that kind of person. Plus, the cold weather was killing me! I had to move somewhere warm, either California or Florida, and I found my home in San Diego County. I’m 20 minutes from the ocean with amazing weather all year ‘round.

She’s known for her “vampire” and Halloween shows, but she’s a Christmas girl at heart

I do like the Gothic lifestyle and I love the idea of being a vampire, but Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Not because of the gifts; I love decorating, I love the festivities, I love the happy memories of the holiday season in New York City.

She’s a commissioned painter

I’ve actually been commissioned to do a few paintings, and I have sold original art. The styles of art that describe my work are abstract and surrealist. The surrealist piece that I sold combined elements that personified peace, love and joy. As often as I’ve been traveling as a feature, I don’t have as much time to paint as I’d like, but it’s something that I still love to do; I love being creative and expressing myself in a different way.

From sea to shining sea, there she’ll be

I’m very patriotic, and I really want to get to know my country. That’s why I love being a feature and traveling across the country, meeting so many different kinds of people from club owners to staff to entertainers to customers. I’m not interested in the politics as much, but I want to have a better understanding of the people, their culture, the individual personalities of every state.

Sex, art — and rock stardom

I love so many aspects of being a feature entertainer; it’s a mix of art and sexuality. You have to be naked and naughty, but you also have to create your individual, artistic style as a feature entertainer. When I walk into a club for a booking, I feel like a rock star! They’re paying me to be there, they want me to be there, and I’m enjoying every minute of it!

Bringing the “sexy nurse” metaphor to life

Where will I be in 10 years? I’ll either be in San Diego or New Orleans—I absolutely love New Orleans—and I’ll probably be a nurse. That’s something I’ll be going to school for, and that’s what I want in my future. But I’m definitely going to dance as long as I can!

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