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Couple quick questions for ED’s 2018 Miss ExoticDancer.com of the Year winner the very sexy Ashley Teasedale

Thoughts on winning Miss Exotic Dancer of the year?

Ashley Teasedale The PubWinning Miss Exotic Dancer of the year is a dream come true for me. Success they say is the result of hard work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence. Years of hard work coupled with support from some very close individuals in my life who have always believed in me has helped me become the dancer I am today. It is an honour to be titled such a prestigious award so early on in my career and is by far my biggest achievement to date.
How did you get your first introduction into Gentleman’s Clubs?

Before entering the gentleman’s club scene I had previously been travelling the world, starring in stage productions and music videos. I have always been curios about the industry and am a person who strives to try new experiences. While on tour I was approach by an agent to travel to Darwin, Australia to try my hand at being a showgirl. In hindsight it was one of the best careers moves I have ever made. Working in clubs has allowed me to craft a unique and diverse show while delivering it to an audience who can fully appreciate what I do as an entertainer.

Having previously acted major roles prior to becoming an exotic dancer.
Do you have a persona/effect you’re going for when you’re on stage and has your previous experience help prepare you for this?

Ashley Teasedale The PubHaving grown up in front of an audience it has helped to mould myself to be the entertainer I am today. Whether it be competing, performing, coordinating choreography, teaching or the standard day to day training. Confidence and self-belief has always been the key to becoming an amazing entertainer for me. Finding out who you really are as a performer and owning that is so important. Working in clubs has helped me to grow as a performer and see things in a different perspective. It’s allowed me to shape my performances in a manner that lets the audience relate to me in a more intimate manner. I like to deliver my performance with class, sophistication and a whole lot of sass!  As most of you know I am renowned for my improvised shows. How I feel during show night shapes my overall performance while highlighting my personality and feelings. Planning unfortunately doesn’t allow flexibility and flare. I like to keep the audience on their toes and always wanting more 😛

What’s my most memorable exotic dancing experiences?

Ashley Teasedale The PubI have to say the most memorable exotic dancing experience I’ve encountered so far has to be winning Miss Exotic Dancer of the year. It’s a great honour to be awarded this title and I couldn’t have done it without the help and support from such wonderful people such as Gracie Cardoso, Shawn MC and Kevin Pennington. They are such incredible people and their love and support has helped me to make my dreams come true. 2017 Expo was a huge eye opener to what opportunities and goals I wanted to strive for 2018. My ultimate goal was to win one of ED’s Entertainer awards and winning Miss Exotic Dancer of year was not only a monumental moment for me but one I am so grateful and humble to have experienced. Looking back it’s incredible to see just how much I’ve transformed and grown in such a short amount of time. I hope to experience many more memorable moments along the way.

What’s the most striking difference between performing in Australia and the US? Be it in the crowd etiquette, tastes?

Australia is amazing but America would have to take the cake. When they say they do it bigger in America they really weren’t kidding. The clubs, the atmosphere, the recognition and appreciation the crowds in America radiate is just mind blowing. It really is one of the most amazing places in the world to perform and showcase your talents. My hope that Australia takes a leaf out of the Americans book when it comes to the Adult Industry going forward.

Best pickup lines??

There are actually quite a few ha-ha but these are definitely winners
“Can you grab my arm so I can tell my friends that I’ve been touched by an angel”
“Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Coz you got a pretty sweet ASS”
“Can I follow you home? Coz my parents always told me to follow my dreams”
“I have a problem with my phone, it seems to be missing your number”
My personal favourite: “Can I buy you a hot drink so I can melt the ice between us’’ ha-ha

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