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ED The Packages

The best advertising campaign incorporates multiple media and marketing streams: print ads, digital marketing, email blasts and in-person tradeshow attendance. See the Special Packages on this page. Half-page ad packages and multiple EXPO booth packages are available. *Signed contract and 50 percent deposit required on all packages.

6-Time Ad Packages
A FULL YEAR’s worth of coverage!

• Six full-page display advertisements (one every issue) in ED Magazine

• Your Preferred Vendor banner on the ExoticDancer.com website for 6 months

• Your Banner on the weekly ED newsletter for six months

• Two personalized “advanced” email blasts

• Full-page editorial profile in the magazine and on ExoticDancer.com

Total cost: $15,500
50% discounted rate: $7,750*

3-Time Ad Packages
Hit three key issues!

• Three full-page display advertisements in three issues of ED Magazine

• Your Prime banner on the ExoticDancer.com website for 3 months

• Your Banner on the weekly ED newsletter for three months

• One personalized “advanced” email blast

Total cost: $7,500
50% discounted rate: $3,750*

BONUS: EXPO Booth for Half Price!

Buy a 6 time or 3 time Ad package and get this special:
• Booth at EXPO 2020 —$2,290 value
• Ad in the EXPO 2020 Program Guide —$800 value
• Two Awards tickets —$180 value
Regular cost of additions: $3,270
50% discounted rate: $1,635*


EXPO Ads & Booth Special
Reach the buyers before, during and after EXPO 2020!

1 Booth at the EXPO 2020 Tradeshow ($2,290)
Meet in-person with club owners and GMs
Booth includes 2 badges, a table and 2 chairs

2 Full-page ad in July ED Magazine ($1,000)
Tell attendees in advance what you
will be promoting at your booth

3 Full-page ad in EXPO 2020 Program Guide ($800)
Drive attendees to your booth; plus they will
save the Guide and reference your ad all year

4 Full-page ad in November ED Magazine ($1,000)
Remind attendees what you showcased;
highlight for the third time your fabulous offers

5 Your banner on the EXPO website ($1,500)
Three months of daily promotional exposure
in the days leading up to EXPO

Regular cost of additions: $6,590
Special discounted rate: $3,999*

Contact Kris Kay or Caroline Ashe at: (727) 726-3592
kris@EDpublications.com, caroline EDpublications.com

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