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  Kendra Sunderland's Story... Ever Since I was a little girl I would always fantasize about being a model and showing off what I had. I was always taught that it was something to keep a secret and that you shouldn’t flaunt it because then you “don’t respect yourself” or you have “daddy issues”. But I never felt like that was the reason I wanted to show off. I dreamed of being the hot girl on playboy and sports illustrated one day. I’ve always felt in control of my body and I never cared what anyone said about me. When I started caming for my free cams I felt free and blessed to be able to do something so fun and get paid for it. I didn’t care what anyone had to say they don’t control my life. I had time to get over the fact that everyone would eventually see me naked so I wasn’t as upset when the video got out. There was no reason to, I couldn’t control it so my only choice was to stay positive. Now I’m ready to move forward and chase my dreams because I’m not scared to fail.  Kendra Sunderland is now your Miss for August 2015!


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