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Jessa Throttle  revvvvvvving up my engine!

Are you ready to go FULL THROTTLE? Introducing Jessa Throttle, the adult entertainment industry's cutest bad-ass Entertainer!
Jessa is a Feature Entertainer from West Palm Beach, Florida. Being trained in all genres of Dance Arts throughout her childhood, she has a wide variety of skills and abilities. At the age of 19, Jessa began taking Pole Dancing classes at her local Pole Fitness Studio while living in Alabama. Once she discovered her new found love for Exotic Dance, she decided to begin working at The Candy Store in Mobile, Alabama. While working she came across her very first traveling Feature Entertainer, Lacey Rain the Hurricane.
Inspired by Lacey's fun and exciting shows, she began perfecting her craft in hopes of becoming a Feature Entertainer. Jessa traveled a the Dazzling Starlet with Mobile's local Burlesque Troupe, Camellia Bay Burlesque. Shortly after, she enrolled into Feature University to be trained as a Professional Feature.
Two whole weeks out of graduating Feature University, Jessa hit the ground running by competing in the 2017 Stripper Olympics at Michael's Men's Club. After competing with the Industry's best Entertainers, she walked away with 4 Medals and Titles. Jessa was kindly awarded 1st Place Floorshow, 2nd Overall Entertainer, 3rd Place Pole Competitor and BEST BUTT!
Jessa Throttle's performances are nothing short of Full Throttle. Her exotic shows bring a wow to the crowd with a mixture of Professional Seduction, Athletic Pole Dancing and Pure Comedy and Stage presence. She is malleable in her ability to read her crowd and give a performance that is one they will never forget.
Want to see more of Jessa? Be sure to follow her on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and Snapchat for fun and lots of tease!
Jessa can also be booked at your club or event through A-list Features and Continental Theatrical Agency.
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