Q: How do I enter the Miss ExoticDancer.com Monthly Contest?
A: The contest is open to any entertainer, however you must have a current profile on ExoticDancer.com (they are free)

Follow these steps........
1. Create any type of profile on ExoticDancer.com  Click here to get started.

2. Populate that profile with your information.

3. Add a profile Image.

4. Add at least 4 images to your gallery.

5. After you login and modify your profile...Submit a request using the MissExoticDancer Request Form found under the button "The Girls"
(FYI, we receive a ton of requests and will serve them up on a first come first serve basis)


Q: If I am selected to be a contestant in the monthly contest......What's in it for me?

A: Just by being in the monthly contest you receive a full year subscription to the printed version of Exotic Dancer's Club Bulletin Magazine.

Q: If I am selected as a Miss ExoticDancer.com Monthly winner..What do I win?
A: All Monthly winners are given an entire web page and a write up on our website, you can see examples of recent winners by clicking here
     - Monthly winners are also heavily promoted on our social network accounts (such as Facebook & Twitter)
     - The monthly web page that you recieve will be accompanied by up to 12 images and a writeup about exclusively you.
     - You will also be given a free upgraded ELITE profile on Exoticdancer.com.
     - Should you attend the Vegas EXPO you will be presented with a FREE ticket to attend ED's Award Show.
     - The monthly winner is also featured in one issue of the printed version of The Club Bulletin that is mailed to like a billion club owners.

Q: If I go on to win the overall Miss ExoticDancer.com yearly award ...What's in it for me?
A: The winner of the yearly overall award receives:
     - The overall winner gets featured FULL PRINTED PAGE in an issue of The Club Bulletin.
     - A very nice personalized trophy SHINY!
     - Your images or banners featured in several prominent places on all of our websites.
     - A FREE Awards Show ticket to next years (2012) award show.
     - Bragging rights
     - As much EXPO swag as you can carry home.

Q: If I am nominated for Miss Exotic Dancer.com am I still eligible to be nominated for The Entertainer of the Year Award or any other ExoticDancer award?
A: Absolutely! This award is in addition to any other award that you can be nominated for.

Q: Do I have to be a Porn star or Feature Entertainer to enter?
A: NO! Any type of entertainer is welcome..ladies only though, sorry guys.

Q: I did not win my monthly contest, can I compete in another month?
A: YES. But not the following month, it will be the next month after..and you must MANUALLY REQUEST TO BE ADDED EACH TIME!
example: You competed in January but did not win....simply fill out the original request form and check the box "previous contestant" and enter in the month you competed.
We will re-add you to the March contest. You can do this over and over again for up to six times a year. Basically you can compete in every other monthly contest for the entire year.

Q: I won my monthly contest ...can I compete in another month in the same year for Miss ExoticDancer.com?
A: NO. you will have to wait until next year.

Q: I won the overall yearly contest, can I compete again?

A: YES. We encourage we girls to defend their yearly titles.

Q: How does monthly voting work? How are winners chosen?
A: It's very simple, fans rate your image on a scale of 1-10. The girl with the highest rating at the end of the contest wins. This is a casual contest & no registration is required to vote, visitors may cast one vote per day.
     Scores are posted immediately.

Q: How does the yearly voting work? How are winners chosen?
A: This voting system is a bit more secure, but basically the same, Fans will vote on their favorite entertainers and we will privately tally the votes. Then the winner will be announced at the ED Awards show.
     Winners will be posted on the website as soon as we recover from the Vegas trip.

Q: Do I need to be present in Vegas during the EXPO to win the overall yearly award?
A: We would surely prefer that you were there to be part of the show, but in the least, a female as hot as you will have to be there accept the award for you live on stage.

Q: During the EXPO show are there any expectations of me? Do I have to perform? Will it help my chances if I perform in a showcase?
A: NO, We don't expect any performance, only that you attend the Awards Show for which we will provide you one free ticket. There are many opportunities to perform during the EXPO
    in showcases and reviews, but it will not help your chances, as the winner will have already been decided by the time we arrive at EXPO. But you are free to participate in any show or
    activity you choose. However it is possible that you may be asked to walk on stage, or even asked to be a "trophy girl" and present the trophys to the winners of the club awards.

Q: ExoticDancer EXPO employees are eligible, that doesn't seem fair?
A: The entertainers that are employed by ED are employed only during the EXPO as extra staff. Their participation has no bearing on the voting that took place a month prior.
     We typically like to employ the top entertainers as part of our staff during EXPO because they brighten the place up a bit and have great connections with club and business owners.

Q: Can I drink during the show?
A: It depends...If you are performing or you are a trophy girl or even part of the backstage crew...Then no, you may not drink, but if are simply there to possibly accept an award then feel free.
    The city of Las Vegas states that entertainers ans show staff cannot consume alcohol while participating in a show, it could result in a fine.

Q: How many girls complete in a given month?
A: A minimum of 4 (if we have enough entries) and a maximum of 8. Those of you who are resubmitting a request will be choosen first, then its first come first serve after that until we run out of girls or hit the limit.

Q: How many girls complete for the yearly awards?
A: Maximum of 12, one winner from each month will be competing for the yearly award. (we reserve the right to remove a nominee if necc.)

Q: How can I register as an exhibitor or attendee for the EXPO Tradeshow?
A: you may buy EXPO tradeshow tickets and additional award show tickets by Clicking HERE.

Q: What is this "EXPO" thing you keep mentioning?
A: The "EXPO" is the Gentleman's Club Owner's Trade-Show held annualy in Las Vegas. It showcases Entertainers, Vendors, Clubs, products and retailers from the adult night club industry.
     This tradeshow is the only tradeshow exclusively for those involved in the Gentlemens club industry.  The Awards show is held during the week of the tradeshow.
     The EXPO TradeShow is the BEST way for business's and entertainers to market themselves directly to the clubs in this industry.

Q: What is the ED Awards Show?
A: This year is ExoticDancer's 14th Annual Awards Show. It is a semi-formal evening event held during the week of the EXPO Tradeshow.
Typically we have a celebrity host and MC and many performances by the ED's Entertainer of the Year Nominees, as well as some surprise guest stars.
Many would say that this is the "Golden Globes" or "The Peoples Choice Awards" of the strip club industry.

Several industry awards are presented during the event...such as but not limited to:
    - Miss ExoticDancer.com
    - ExoticDancer's Entertainer of the Year
    - ExoticDancers's Strip Club of the Year.
    - Exotic Dancer's Newcomer of the Year
    - As well as several other very prestigious industry awards.
 This year We will be presenting over 15 awards to the winners in various categories.

 In the months prior to the EXPO Tradeshow and The Awards Show, we have the Clubs, Fans, Industry Professionals, and Entertainers vote in several categories of nominees.
This voting process determines the winnners of the ED Awards.
More info about voting can be found at the website TheEDawards.com
However, the Award for MissExoticDancder.com will only be voted on here on this website "ExoticDancer.com"

Q: I am still confused and have a ton of questions?
A: Feel free to contact us direct @ 727-726-3592

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