edinternationals3-1Charm City welcomes the industry’s most prestigious feature dance contest this May 28th-30th!
April 10, Clearwater, FL: With its status secured as the most prestigious and selective feature dance contest in the U.S., ED Publications is excited to announce the lineup for the EXOTIC DANCER Invitational (EDI) East. Once again, the industry’s top feature entertainers, including the hottest newcomers and more established and successful “showgirl” features, will compete for top honors. 


The first EXOTIC DANCER Invitational of 2015—the EDI West—was once again held at Dames n’ Games (a Spearmint Rhino club) in Southern California (see results here). The second EXOTIC DANCER Invitational of 2015—the EDI East—will be held at the impressively remodeled Fantasies club in Baltimore, Maryland. Fantasies is a major supporter of live feature entertainment, and is a perfect venue to host the EDI.

“We're definitely no strangers to hosting and producing big-time events here in Baltimore, so we’re thrilled about being one of only two clubs in the U.S. hosting the EXOTIC DANCER Invitational,” adds Cal Brockdorff, owner of Fantasies Nightclub in Baltimore, the host club of the EDI East.

One notable change has been implemented for 2015: There will be three divisions instead of two. The EDI will once again have Newcomer and Showgirl Divisions, but a new division will be reserved exclusively for 2014 EDI Showgirl Division finalists and/or former ED’s Entertainer of the Year nominees and winners. This division, dubbed the “Champion” Division, promises to bring an entirely new level of competition to the EDIs.

“Because there aren’t just two types of feature entertainers, we realized that we needed to expand to three divisions in order to properly accommodate all possible competitors,” says ED Publications’ Dave Manack, also the creator and producer of the EDIs. “Now, every night will be a Final—there are no Semi Finals. The Newcomers will compete on the first night, the Showgirls on the second night and the Champions on the final night. The entertainers have to take their best shot right off the bat. All division winners, runner-ups and mini-title winners will be announced on the final evening, keeping everyone in suspense until that moment.”

The Newcomer Division at the EDI East will include: Chelsea La Vone, Cali Rose, Sarah Hunter, Holly Hart, Liza Mae Lust, Jordan Skye, Alliyah Marie and the dance duo Living Sex Dolls (Koyotee Von Diva and Noca Caine). 
The Showgirl Division at the EDI East will include: Lisa Licious, Vayda Kiss, Jaded Dawn, Shay Lynn, Artemis Moon, Viva La Muerte, Lady Sirene and Phoenix Phires.
The Champion Division at the EDI East will include: Lacey Rain, Christina Aguchi and Justice. 

For much more information, including extensive coverage of the 2015 EDI West and 2014 EDI contests, titles that are offered, etc., visit www.theEDIs.com or call ED's Dave Manack at (727) 726-3592.

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