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Miss April 2016, JayCee Lane, is one of those fun, corn fed, Midwest girls you always wanted to meet! She is full of sass, sexiness, and sweetness all wrapped up in one! Her passion is riding horses and she’s always looking to rope you into the fun! JayCee was born and raised in the Midwest, but is looking forward to her world wide travels in 2016 for her Miss Nude World Tour! It’s goin’ to be an exiting around the world tour for this little philly, along with a couple of stops throughout the United States! On her downtime between traveling, JayCee performs regularly at her home club The Minx Showpalace of Des Moines, Iowa. She would love to meet all her fans and show them how a Midwest “hello” is done!  JayCee Lane is now your Miss ExoticDancer.com for April 2016!

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ou can also follow her on Twitter: www.twitter.com/minx_jayceelane or on facebook www.facebook.com/jaycee.lane.9



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