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Not displaying proper fields for registration
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Please post any bugs you find during your normal use.

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TOPIC: Not displaying proper fields for registration
Not displaying proper fields for registration 7 Years, 10 Months ago Karma: 1
A few users have reported that when they are signing up for Business Profiles, they are being prompted to fill in a "Stage Name" or a "Club Name" along with their "Business Name"

We are told that this is a required field and they cannot continue unless doing so.

This is OKAY to fill in these fields and continue. Your plan selection will sort your profile accordingly.

This was an issue back in Sept of 2010 and has been eradicated from the system.

however some users were discouraged and havent visited the site since, Now when they are returning they are getting the same error or bug.

This may be due to the form being cached in the browser, particularly in Internet Explorer 8.
(we recommend that your use Firefox 3.6 or higher)

Although we have taken measures to remove this bug from our system, we cant remove the bug that exists in your browser already, you must clear your internet temp file cache manually if this issue persists.

Normally this item would delete itself after you close down you browser but for some reason IE8 is not cooperating.

So here is a quick walk through of how to quickly clear your IE8 cache (internet temp files) Without messing up any of your passwords, or settings.

More than likely this will result in faster browsing on other sites as well.

Close all browser windows and open web browsers before doing this.

Open Internet Explorer 8

- Go to "tools"
- Then go to "Internet Options"
- Click the "general tab"
- Under the heading browsing history..Click delete
-A window will popup...ONLY check the box "temp internet files"
-Then click delete at the bottom, IE will spend a few moments deleting your temp internet files, your stored history,passwords and cookies will remain.
- click OK on the remaining window
- close IE and then reopen

Visit the site and try the registration form again.
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